Steel Trench ShieldsSteel Trench Shields are used to secure the walls of large excavated trenches. They ensure the safety of workers in the trenches and can effectively cover large areas and depths of trenches, eliminating the possibility of a cave-in. Steel Shields have high pipe clearance and can be easily worked around with them in place while providing a safe working environment and increasing the productivity of your crew.

Here are the sizes that we have available:

4'x12'x4" N/A 3380#
6'x12'x4" 35" 4790#
8'x12'x4" 56" 5800#
4'x16'x4" N/A 4130#
8'x16'x4" 56" 7270#
4'x24'x6" N/A 6130#
6'x24'x6" 35" 10210#
8'x24'x6" 56" 12290#

Accessories For The Steel Shields:

– 4-way Lift Harness (lifts steel shields from four points using your own equipment)

– 2ft Legs (raises steel shields off the ground for higher pipe clearance and deep trenches)

– Stacking Pins (Used to stack multiple shields on top of each other to protect deeper trenches)  -Shield Walkways (used to create a pathway over an open trench)