Steel ShieldsSteel Manhole Boxes are used to help secure the trench walls created for the construction of manholes on job sites. They eliminate the possibility of your trench walls caving in and create a safe working environment for manhole installation. There are doors on most manhole boxes to tie pipes into manholes without having to remove the manhole box. Complete your entire manhole installation with the safety of a protected trench!

Here are the sizes that we have available: 

4'x8'x8' 96" 102" 0 2760#
8'x8'x8' 96" 102" 2'x4' 5760#
4'x8'6"x8'6" 102" 108" 0 2760#
8'x8'6"x8'6" 102" 108" 2'x4' 5760#
4'x10'x10' 112" 120" 0 3915#
6'x10'x10' 112" 120" 3' 5760#
8'x10'x10' 112" 120" 4' 7040#

*Height x Length x Width*

Cat walk or manhole walkwayAccessories For The Manhole Boxes:

-4-Way Lift Harness (4 point lift chain to lift manhole box on-site with owner equipment)
-Stacking Pins (used to stack multiple boxes on each other to reach extended depths)
-2ft Legs (raises the manhole box off the ground for higher pipe clearance and deep trenches)
-Manhole Walkways (pictured left) - used to create a pathway over an open manhole or trench