Test plugsTest Plugs are placed into pipes to test for leaks along the lengths of the pipes and can test to make sure that the pipes can hold pressure. Divert the flow of materials through pipes or test the space to make sure all the pipe projects you complete are leak free. Eliminate the possibility of re-digging completed jobs to correct small, unnecessary leaks.

Here Are Some of the Sizes We Offer:

Plug Size    

  • 4"-6"
  • 6"-10"
  • 8"-12"
  • 10"-16"
  • 12"-18"
  • 18"- 24"

We Also Offer:

Flow Through Plugs Bypass
15"-21" 6"
18"-25" 6"

Wash Balls    

3.5"- 4.5"

5"- 8"

8"- 12"

12"- 21"

18- 24"

Note: The sizes listed above are common sizes only. Please call for unusual sizes or larger sized plugs. The above list does not show every size available or necessary to complete your job.