Rock and mud platesMud Rock Plates are placed at entrances/exits of jobsites to prevent rocks and other loose materials from getting caught in the tread of tires and being dragged out into public roads. Rock Plates eliminate the possibility of loose materials damaging cars and being fined for dragging dirt into public roads. Curb Plates allow vehicles to enter/exit jobsites over curbs without the equipment causing unnecessary damage to the curb. Create your own entrances at any point along the job site by using curb plates.

Here are the sizes that we have available:

Size: 8'x10'x1" 2'x12'x1.5"
Weight: 3267# 1500#
Size: 8'x12'x1"
Weight: 3267#

Curb plate*Plates are available with skid-resistant coating*

Accessories For The Plates:

- 1" Lifting Eye (lifts from the center of the 1" thick plates)
- 1.5" Lifting Eye (lifts from the center of the 1.5" thick plates)
- Rail Road Spikes (used to tie plates to the road)