Aluminum Shields are a double wall panel shield that is designed to be light and strong.They are available with hydraulic or screw jack spreaders. The aluminum shield is designed specifically for municipalities, utilities and contractors who use rubber tired backhoe/loaders and small excavators for trenching.

Aluminum sheeting can be used on the open sides of the hydraulic spreaders to create a hydraulic aluminum box.

Here are the sizes that we have available:

4'x8' 17" 600# 20"-27"
6'x8' 17" 920# 24"-36"
8'x8' 17" 1280# 36"-60"
10'x8' 17" 1380# 60"-84"
12'x8' 17" 1680# 84"-108"
4'x10' 14" 700#
6'x10' 14" 1064#
8'x10' 14" 1472#
10'x10' 14" 1880#
12'x10' 14" 2180#

NOTE: the above sizes are listed as H x L. The width is determined by the spreader size used and any spreader size can be selected for any size aluminum shield. The sizes listed above are typical sizes and do not contain all of the aluminum shield sizes that we can create for your specific projects.

Hydraulic aluminum boxAluminum Shield w/ Hydraulic Spreaders

47" – 68"
55" – 82"
65" – 101"

Side aluminum panel lengths: 3' – 4' – 6' – 8' – 10'
4-Way Lift Chain
2' Adjustable Legs

Accessories For The Aluminum Shields

- 4-Way Lift Harness (four point lifting harness to move the box with your own equipment)

- 2ft Legs (to fill aluminum shoring and create pressure against the trench walls)

-Wheel Kit Sets (attach to the top of the aluminum shield so it rolls along the trench as needed)