Aluminum boxAluminum Manhole Boxes are lightweight shoring system alternatives to heavy steel manhole boxes. They are a great option when you are trying to complete a manhole excavation project using smaller or lighter equipment. Ensure the safety of your employees by protecting the manhole the entire length of the project and without removing the aluminum box to tie pipes into the manhole. Increase the efficiency and safety of your employees with this lightweight solution!

Here are the sizes that we have available:

6'x8'x8' 18' 1250#
8'x8'x8' 18' 1600#
10'x8'x8' 18' 2000#
12'x8'x8' 18' 2400#
6'x10'x10' 12' 1700#
8'x10'x10' 12' 2300#
10'x10'x10' 12' 2800#

NOTE: the above sizes are H x W x L and are typical sizes only. We can make a wide variety of aluminum manhole boxes that are not listed above using a combination of different panel sizes. The panel sizes are: 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft long. These panels can be used in all the different combinations possible to create a box with different sized walls and depths to meet your specific needs for your project.

Accessories For The Aluminum Manhole Boxes:

- 4-Way Lift Harness (four point lifting harness to move the box with your own equipment)

-2ft Legs (to fill aluminum shoring and create pressure against the trench walls)