Our Approach

End shores and sheeting

Why use STPR?

All shoring companies have some things in common. Like most industries in the construction world, shoring companies have a set of standards that most companies follow and try to match to the best of their ability. At our company we raise the standards to accommodate our customers and provide them with the kind of service that only a family owned business can provide.

Our Story

Here are some of the reasons our customers chose Sierra Trench Protection over the competition:

Best in Industry Customer Service

We work with you directly to make sure that the equipment you need gets on-site when you need it to be there. We keep in contact with our customers so they know exactly when their equipment will be there. No more guessing or having employees wait for equipment that hasn’t arrived on schedule.

Superior Products At the Best Price

All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards. Each rental item is checked, serviced, repaired and cleaned before it goes out. If a product goes out that is not up to standards or fails to perform its task, we will replace it at our expense and at your convenience.

We look forward to working with you!

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