Everything you need on your construction site: Steel Plates, Manhole Boxes, Trench Shields, Mud and Rock Plates, Rock ScreensSteel Plates are placed over excavated trenches to maximize productivity and keep areas of traffic safe and accessible. Trench plates eliminate the need to backfill and re-dig trenches, which will increase working productivity and eliminate expensive labor costs, material costs, and overall completion of a project. Steel plates can save you money!

Here are the sizes available:

4'x8'x1" 1" 1307#
5'x10'x1" 1" 2041#
6'x10'x1" 1" 2450#
8'x10'x1" 1" 3267#
8'x12'x1" 1" 3921#
8'x16'x1" 1" 5227#
6'x12'x1.5" 1.5" 4400#
8'x12'x1.5" 1.5" 5880#
8'x16'x1.5" 1.5" 7842#

Steel trench plates in use*Plates are available will skid-resistant coating*

Accessories For The Plates:

-1" Lifting Eye (lifts from center of 1" thick plates)
-1.5" Lifting Eye (lifts from center of 1.5" thick plates)
-Double Hook Lift Harness (lifts plates that require two lifting eyes)
-Railroad Spikes (used to tie plates to the road)