Vertical Hydraulic Aluminum ShoreVertical Aluminum Shoring is a lightweight shoring system that in most cases can be applied to be used by a single person. Your employees can quickly shore excavated trenches as you excavate to protect your employees from ever entering unprotected trenches. This shoring type efficiently decreases the chance of a serious job-site accident.

Increase the productivity of your jobs by avoiding unnecessary and dangerous cave-ins. Vertical Aluminum Shoring is simply a quick and cost effective way to keep your project safe for employees.

Here are the sizes that we have available

17"-27" 1.5'
22"-36" 3.5'
28"-46" 5'
34"-55" 7'
52"-88" 9'
76"-112" 12'
76"-112" 16'

*Any Combination Of Cylinder Sizes and Rail Sizes Can Be Used*